MWF seeks BFF or Just an F or two

You may think finding new friends will be no problem when you move thousands of miles away from what was home for a very long time. Especially when you have a couple of friends already in place who you are sure are just dying to connect you with their circle of friends which you assume will soon become your own tightly knit circle. This kind of happens. But not so much. People are busy. They have lives. They aren’t lonely and singing songs to the dogs like you may possibly be doing in between doing laundry and picking up dog poop.

Should you find yourself a friendless grownup in a new place, I highly advise that you don’t read the book ‘MWF seeks BFF.’ When I read the review I thought…finally someone who totally understands how I feel. No so much! The book is written by a whiney, spoiled brat who still thinks she’s in college and that having a BFF is the single most important thing in life. She also has specific elitest criteria for who qualifies to be her BFF. Grow up girlfriend!!! You worked for Oprah. You had work friends that you did things with after work. Your mom, who you like lives 6 blocks away. Your friends from college visit. You have an understanding and kind husband. Cry me a fucking river.

There are actually people out there (me for example) who would give their left arm to 1. Have a job at Oprah. 2. Have work friends. 3. Have a mother that they liked. Instead I’m rather lonely and isolated. Thank God for our three dogs that keep me company! And joining a church, club, volunteering or drinking lots of coffee at Starbucks does not guarantee friendship. It guarantees that you will be annoyed and have the shakes from drinking too many lattes.

Until  next time…

Moose out


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