It’s a Prozac Nation

I highly recommend if you take a mood altering drug of any kind DO NOT decide to stop taking the aforementioned mood altering drug just because you’ve relocated to a new place and you think it’s going to be all rainbows and lollipops.

God know you’re going to need it more than ever. In fact stock up on the mood altering drug if at all possible. Having a jumbo container of Prozac would have been very beneficial to me this past September.

You will thank me for this. Your partner, spouse, children, dog, gold fish will all thank me.

Until next time…

Moose out


One thought on “It’s a Prozac Nation

  1. That’s funny. I thought the same thing when I moved to Buffalo. Instead, I went into a major funk for several months, increased doses of prozac and alcohol, became more isolated… It was quite an unpleasant adjustment!

    I finally switched to amitriptyline and I feel much better. Need some prozac? I got leftovers. 🙂

    Just when I’m starting to finally adjust and settle in here in Buffalo, I’m moving again. Hopefully to the right place this time. I’ve been homesick for 25 years. You’re homesick too. 😦 Things WILL start falling into place there. They will.

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