Uneven Sidewalks & Heavy Doors

Having spent almost an entire month on one foot, hobbled by crutches, a cast, a boot and a walker I’ve come to discover that the outside world is essentially only for the truly able bodied. Which is fine for the able bodied. But what about those who aren’t? I’ve learned that even what may seem like the easiest thing in the world like walking into a store or simply opening a bathroom door can be quite the challenge. In Chipotle there is no way I could have used the bathroom without my husband to open the door so I could get in and out. Can you imagine being trapped in a Chipotles bathroom? What if no one had been there? Then what? Getting out of the car and up on a sidewalk involves acrobatics that I never knew I could perform. And getting about on crutches is really tiring. Who knew? Now I do. 

Fortunately when I’m presented with an awkward and heavy door people very kindly run to help. But again, what about the people who don’t have anyone to help. Just something to think about. 

Until next time…Moose out.


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