Handcuffs & Shackles.

You so thought this was going to be a post about ’50 Shades of Grey’ didn’t you? What with the handcuffs and shackles. I did read the trilogy. Lots of frivolous, naughty fun. I will say one thing…I find it interesting that people feel the need to analyze everything to death. Like ’50 Shades’ suggesting that all women wanted to dominated by men and have no self-worth. Seriously? And the fact that it’s been labeled ‘mommy porn. Again. Seriously?! While I may not know the author, I’m going to guess she didn’t write this series as a treatise of some sort on all womenkind. The trilogy is entertaining, an easy read and the sexy bits make for interesting conversation among other things with your significant other.

So, back to the handcuffs and shackles…As I mentioned I fractured my foot in four places which thankfully makes for some interesting stories. I really wish I had a videographer capturing the ridiculous moments of my life. Like when I was in ER the day after the ‘incident’ happened. I’d seen the doc, x-rays and CT scans done. I’m sitting in the lobby. Boot on. Crutches in hand. Essentially helpless. Husband Steve goes out to get the car.

First a very nice Asian gentleman with not much English tried to engage me in conversation and made a joke about me going skiing. Of course I didn’t get the joke until about the fifth time he said ‘ski boot.’

Then a fully armed police officer comes in with an inmate in a wheelchair and where does he deposit him? Why right next to me. Like there was nowhere else to put the convict? Don’t they have a special ER section for felons? Said convict was wearing handcuffs which made me feel a bit more secure. I didn’t want him leaping out of his wheelchair and taking me hostage. Because it was me, the likelihood of that happening was high. And then I noticed he was also shackled. I didn’t take this as a good sign. Why the shackles? What did he do? And more importantly why is he sitting mere inches from me?? What’s the etiquette with something like that? Do you say hello? Ask what happened? Become facebook friends?

Needless to say I spent the next five minutes avoiding contact and being very interested in the construction of my book. I wonder if facebook is allowed in prison?

Until next time…

Moose out.


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