Falling Prey to Marketing & Montel Williams

Yesterday I was a mere phone call away from purchasing the Montel Williams Health Master Fresh Whole Food Emulsifier for four easy payments of $49.95. Free Shipping! It comes in 3 designer colors! It’s a miracle.  Everyone in the world should own one. At least that’s what Montel and his panel of experts told me. And his psychic. I’m not kidding. Is this something I could make up?

How I got wrapped up in a one hour infomercial on a Sunday afternoon, on the brink of purchasing a kitchen appliance that can decimate concrete I’ll never know? The power of marketing. And you’d think I’d know better. But no. Apparently lives have been change by said item. You can even make soup. The motor in this thing is powerful enough to use to propel a boat. Why wouldn’t I want one of these things?

My friend Bill talked me down via text and then my husband told me to leave the room before I started to dial.

I’m also that person who falls prey to purchasing magazines that guarantee a flat belly in 4 days, buff biceps in hours, gourmet meals in 30 minutes. It’s like I believe that simply reading an article will somehow transform me. I am delusional.

I blame the fractured foot and being under house arrest for 6 weeks. It’s had a rather negative effect on my state of mind.

I probably should stay away from infomercials, Montel and magazines that make promises I shouldn’t believe.

Until next time…Moose out.


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