Olympic Provisions – My Happy Place

Crazy Good Bloody with Meat. What’s not to love? Unless of course you don’t like meat.
Best breakfast in the history of the world.

I think we all have a place where we go over and over again because it makes us happy. Usually my particular happy place or places involve food and wine or a fab cocktail. Fraiser, Cliff and Norm had Cheers. I am so dating myself with that reference. I have Olympic Provisions. A gem of a place with a big neon sign that spells out MEAT. I don’t think I need to say any more. My apologies to all my veg and vegan friends. You too can eat here because they offer amazing non-meat items as well. But the main reason to go here is the meat. And the wine. And the really great service.

It’s become our Sunday brunch place. Initially we plan on trying something new. The new address is logged into the GPS and yet our car always veers off on Water Avenue and like a tractor beam we’re pulled directly in front of Olympic Provisions.

I had this….Kielbasa hash, shitake, lardon, potatoes, frisée, poached egg (see pic)

Hands down the best breakfast in the history of the world! And I mean it.

Mr. Moose has this…Flapjack Attack: hot cakes, sausage patty, poached eggs, Hollandaise*

He was pretty darn happy too.

We both had incredible Bloodys. Mine involved aquavit, tomato juice, pickled veggies, something I’m sure I’m forgetting, topped with two perfect, teeny, tiny white anchovies. Did someone just throw up in their mouth after reading that? I’m here to tell you I must admit I was a tad hesitant. While Aquavit isn’t the alcohol of ‘my people’ it is the alcohol of people similar to my people. With that kind of logic I figured I  must like it.

Mr. Moose had a more traditional Bloody. If more traditional involves a skewer with a pickled egg, pickled vegetables and a lovely, yummy, thin slice of salumi.

If I owned a restaurant it would be Olympic Provisions. My dream is to work there. I’ll wait tables. Stuff sausages. Wash dishes. You know things get kind of crazy there after hours. I’d like to be there then.

Wait until I tell you about the place that makes Bloody Mary’s with Scotch.

Until next time…Moose out


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