With feathers or without?

No feathers please

As a rule you don’t expect to have someone ask you ‘would you like that with feathers or without’ when ordering a chicken burrito. Then again, maybe you do? I’m not here to judge.

Mr. Moose and I stumbled upon a restaurant called Sabor Salvadareno while running errands on Saturday. Kind of Mexican. Kind of Salvadorean. Kind of Peruvian. Kind of not sure which country’s food we’d be eating? We took it as a good sign that everyone in the restaurant wasn’t us. Definitely people and families of Hispanic heritage. Fortunately the menu had short English translations about the food otherwise we might have ended up with not only feathered burritos, but soup with feet. Actually soup with feet was on the menu. I’m not kidding. I’m sure it’s a delicacy. I wasn’t feeling that adventurous. That I didn’t order. I’m still having flashbacks about having to eat tongue as a child. Maybe with some therapy I’ll be able to eat weird parts of animals again. Or not. Where is Andrew Zimmern when I need him.?

So…Mr. Moose orders a chicken burrito. The waiter looks him straight in the eye and says ‘with or without feathers?’ Taken totally off guard while trying to be polite not wanting to offend the kind young gentleman taking our order Mr. Moose asks ‘and what exactly would that mean?’ Answer…’with feathers or without.’ I’m envisioning a burrito with feathers and a beak and am feeling kind of nauseous. At that point our waiter couldn’t keep a straight face, cracked a huge smile and said ‘I’m just messing with you.’ That’s right…messing with the gringos. Thing is I totally thought there was such a thing as a chicken burrito with feathers and it was some kind of Salvadorean specialty. This guy was good. I always appreciate it when someone can pull one over on me.

The food was really good. If you find yourself in a little strip mall somewhere in Aloha near an Ace Hardware, I highly recommend you stop by Sabor Salvadreo.

Until next time…Moose out


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