Feast Portland = Food Coma. In a good way.

I can’t wait until next year.

This past weekend was totally all about food. Then again that would be most of my weekends. It really is surprising that I don’t weigh 5,000 pounds.

Why Portland hasn’t had a food festival until now just boggles my mind. There is so much good, fantastic, fabulous, luscious, amazing food in this town. And this is the first year of Feast Portland? At least it was timed just perfectly since I live here now.

I kicked off the weekend by attending a lecture/talk/whatever with Mark Bittman. I had such hopes. Such dreams. He was so incredibly boring! I know and I’m perfect.

Friday night Mr. Moose and I went to the Feast Night Market at the very super cool, I wish I worked there (I wish I worked in general) EcoTrust Building. It was a beautiful night. Food cooked outside smells so incredibly good. Why is that? Is it some kind of harkening back to our primal roots? No I’m not going to go all Paleo on you. I was going to be all food bloggy about the whole thing, but really just wanted to enjoy the evening and the food. No pics, no real details, but of course I’m still going to write all about it. I’m about chefs like other people are about a Brad Pitt sighting. I get all giggly and nervous and then I hide behind a pole. Andy Ricker, the Crown Prince of Portland food was there along with Anita Lo (of NYC and Top Chef Masters fame) Eddie Huang, Paul Qui (out of Austin) and Khao Man Gai of Portland food truck fame.

I have to get this off my chest…I believe that Khao Man Gai and her chicken have received more press than pretty much anyone in the world. I give her big props for creating her business. Thing is, I find her food, good at best. Not exceptional. I don’t know what the fuss is all about?? And…I’m perfect. Where’s my food cart? Right?

Interestingly, oddly my favorite food of the evening was the smoked tongue hand roll courtesy of Austin’s Paul Qui. This is a rather significant moment since if you know me at all, you know that I have very tragic memories of tongue. It was ‘what’s for dinner’ at our house more time than I can count. And it was never lathered in an amazing sauce and served in a hand roll. Imagine coming home from school, asking what’s for dinner and your mom shows you a cow tongue, in the oven, in a Pyrex dish looking very tonguish and nasty. Enough said.

To the crazy talented, probably really exhausted people who executed this fab event…Well done. I ate and drank to my heart’s content. One of those nights you keep eating, no matter how full because everything is so good.

I can’t wait until next year. Until next time…Moose out.


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