My love affair with Trader Joe’s continues…

Really crazy good and easy

People often tell me that they don’t have time to cook. I totally get that. What with jobs, kids, soccer practice, getting to the gym! Who has time? Well I actually do given my unemployed status, but again that’s for another post. So I thought I’d share some meals that I literally throw together that don’t take a lot of time or ingredients and are delish!

Once more this leads me to my love affair with Trader Joe’s. Essentially no matter what you buy at Trader Joe’s you know that it’s not full of crap and there’s lots of goodness and wholesomeness going on. One of the many, many reasons I have a crush on Trader Joe’s is their little sample area where, if you go on a daily basis like I do, you get to try a plethora of different foods. They even have wine tasting. But it doesn’t start until 1pm for obvious reasons I suppose. It’s 5pm somewhere isn’t it?? I digress.

Last week when I made my daily pilgrimage to Trader Joe’s the little sample area was featuring a soup that was made up of a combination of 3 items in the store. A box of black bean soup. A package of frozen chimmichuri rice. A tin of Cuban style black beans. Dump everything into a pot. Heat it up. Voila. Dinner. Lunch. A snack. And if you’re feeling adventurous and have time, sautee an onion, throw in a packet of taco seasoning, add some spinach that ‘s hanging out in your fridge and needs to be used before it gets all gross and slimy. Some leftover corn. If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s and are unable to purchase their chimmichuri rice add some cooked rice, some frozen peas, some seasoning. Actually any box of soup, tin of beans and extras will do.

Keep in mind this is so not Semi-Homemade a la Sandra Lee. I don’t care if she’s dating the Governor of NY she totally creeps me out with her ‘table scapes and Kwanzaa cakes.’ That woman scares me in a Stepford Wives kind of way. She uses tins of food in an unnatural, yucky ways. I know it may be quick and easy and she is pretty, but step away from Sandra Lee. I wonder if ‘her people’ will read this and threaten me with Kwanzaa cakes or Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup??

Back to the yummy black bean soup. To make a complete meal…Add a salad. Maybe some crusty bread. Done. Ten minutes tops. What’s not to love? I for one have a huge pot of this in my fridge and have been eating it for days. If you’re feeling fancy, add some shrimp sautéed in garlic. Or may bits of leftover chicken.

Until next time…Moose out


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