Drinkie Winkies

Portland is a cocktail kind of town. The bartenders here aren’t just slinging hooch, they’re alchemists. The making of a cocktail is a very precise endeavor. The correct beaker must be used for stirring and muddling. And you can’t stir a cocktail with just any old thing. It has to be the proper cocktail accoutrement. Preferably silver. People in Portland do not mess around with the cocktail.

And any bartender worth his or her salt who treats the making of cocktails with respect also uses special ice cubes for every drink. Who knew ice cubes would be the next big thing?

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a special affinity for bourbon. It’s my drink of choice. My go to drink when I’m celebrating something great or when things are just plain shitty. I spent some quality time with bourbon and Modern Family last week when I found out I didn’t get something I really, really wanted. That story is for another time.

Bourbon is a beautiful thing. Gorgeous color. I would love to paint a room in my house the color of bourbon. I know Martha Stewart must have ‘Bourbon’ in her line of paints.


What makes bourbon even better is the giant square ice cube. For the uninitiated, the giant square ice cube is the size of an English muffin.It keeps your drink cold and doesn’t water it down. Why? Because it’s so darn big and takes forever to melt. And if you’re drinking something so slowly that the English muffin sized ice cube melts then you deserve a watery drink.

Once I experienced the giant square ice cube I had to have them at home. And believe it or not you can buy your very own giant square ice cube tray from most fine purveyors of culinary tchotkes. You must have the giant square ice cube tray! Buy it now. You will thank me.

Spend some time at these Portland establishments and experience true cocktail nirvana…

The Woodsman Tavern (woodsmantavern.com)

Bunk (bunkbar.com)

Trigger (triggerpdx.com)

Secret Society (secretsociety.net)

The Victory (thevictorybar.com)

The Pope House (popehouselounge.com)


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