You had me at Mornay – My Happy Place – The Side Yard Farm

As all three of my readers know…My Happy Place always involves some kind of alcohol. Typically Bourbon. Often a Turbo Shandy. Quite frequently a glass of Pinot.

I have a new Happy Place that while there was alcohol involved it’s more about the food, the people and the vibe.

Welcome to The Side Yard Farm

A small-scale urban farm located in the NE Cully Neighborhood in Portland.

Owned by the wildly talented Stacy Givens.

The farm provides local restaurants with creative organic produce grown sustainably and ethically.

They are known for their micro crops, such as: micro breakfast radish, micro carrots, micro beets and more.

They offer cooking classes, DIY workshops and kids camp.

Best of all they offer the most fabulous Sunday brunch that takes place on their property. The atmosphere is cozy. Even on the coldest, rainiest of Portland days. Surrounded by new friends you have yet to meet, lots of dirt, sprouting veggies, clucking chickens and what I think may be a headless scarecrow. There may be issues with the arms as well.

How is it that you’ve never heard of The Side Yard Farm? I’m asking the same question. Everyone should know about The Side Yard Farm.

The Nomadic Chef

This past Sunday we attended a benefit brunch for Stacey’s  Kickstarter Project ‘The  Nomadic Chef.’ She’s ready to take her culinary genius and seed-to-plate meals on the road. Imagine enjoying a beautiful, outrageously delicious meal at a local farm, or a wheat field, or maybe an apple orchard.

Back to the brunch for a minute. Do I start with the food, the volunteers, the super fun people we met? I choose the food. It was a buffet menu. All you can eat. And we all did. My pants hurt after I was done. The Side Yard Benedict is essentially swoon worthy. Imagine, if you will a house-made crumpet, greens, roots (all from their garden), poached duck egg (yes, duck egg) and hollandaise. Who’s not drooling? And that was just one of 7 incredible options. How about a Farm Hash made with yukon and sweet potatoes, shrooms, green garlic, ruby-streak mustard greens and fresh herbs? That just sounds beautiful and delicious. I can’t leave out ‘My Dad’s Cinnamon Rolls.’ I’m typically a savory person but the cinnamon rolls with buttermilk cream cheese, pecans, sorrel and honey were ridiculous!!! I should have shoved some extras in my pocket.

Did I mention the pickle bar? And we’re not just talking pickles. There was pickled okra (my fav!), asparagus, onions, I think green beans. I could have just eaten that all day.

I write this post because I think The Side Yard Farm is one of the coolest places ever!! Every time we go for brunch we meet intelligent, funny, interesting people—and it makes me want to own chickens and maybe a goat, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Visit The Side Yard Farm

Help Stacey reach her Kickstarter Goal. She’s so close.



Croque Madame – Brioche, Side Yard Canadian Bacon, Gruyere.


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