The Drunken Botanist

The Drunken Botanist

I’ve decided to become an acolyte/disciple of The Drunken Botanist. Other people look for esteemed writers or spiritual gurus for direction and enlightenment. I look to a woman who calls herself The Drunken Botanist.

Amy Stewart (aka The Drunken Botanist) is a six-time New York Times best selling author, speaker, columnist and guest editor at a number of prestigious publications.

I think I should provide more detail lest you think this woman is nothing more than a drunken gardener. Not that it would be such a horrible thing to be a drunken gardener. You’re outside, cavorting with nature, growing beautiful things all while being the tiniest bit tipsy. Actually sounds kind of nice to me. But again, as always, I digress.

Botany and Cocktails

It’s her sixth book, entitled The Drunken Botanist and her website ( that put me into a complete tizzy. The book and website focus on her love of botany and intriguing cocktails.

You all know how I love a good cocktail. What could be more perfect than to plant a Drunken Garden? To hell with carrots and lettuce.

The Drunken Botanist Plant Collection

What put me over the proverbial drunken moon is the discovery of The Drunken Botanist Plant Collection. I became obsessed with finding these collections. Luckily for me Amy (it’s like we’re besties now) is a west coast girl and I found all of her plant collections at my neighborhood New Seasons. On sale! Bonus. The collections can also be purchased online at The Territorial Seed Company (

My Garden

  • The Old Havana Rum Garden: Fruit and herbs to pair with rum drinks, including the elusive authentic Cuban mint. Apparently Canadians loved the mint so much they started smuggling it back to Canada from their vacations to Cuba.
  • The Southern Belle Whiskey Garden: Sweet and savory herbs that work beautifully with whiskey including proper, bonafide southern mint. Can you say mint julep?
  • The Old Tom Gin Collection: Gin is a natural for pretty much any herb, fruit or veg. The collection contains an interesting array of choices including tiny Mexican sour gherkin cucumbers. Yes cucumbers. Unfortunately I have already killed the cucumbers. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. They were a bit spindly.
  • The Mixologist’s Simple Syrup Collection: Six herbs that can be used in simple syrups, infused vodkas, homemade liqueurs, DIY bitters, and flavored salts and sugars.

From time to time I’ll post about my little drunken mini-garden. I’m not known for having much of a green thumb, but I’ll do my best. Of course I will include drink recipes. For now enjoy this one…

The Champagne Mojito

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