Cooking & Bourbon Is the Answer!

Is it bad if after two years in the PNW I haven’t really figured it out? What is it I’m suppose to figure out exactly? Maybe I’m not suppose to figure it out? Maybe things have played out as they should? Maybe these sound like lame excuses?

Does anyone really want me to write about my futile attempt at finding full-time employment?  I didn’t think so. Just know that I’m quietly I plugging away. But for the record if I see one more posting that asks me to ‘describe in 150 words or less why I’m amazing’ or ‘if your life was a headline what would it be and why?’ I may go postal. It’s entirely possible. So it’s time for a new story. What that story is remains to be determined. It/I’m a work in progress.

So when all else fails, I turn to cooking and bourbon. Not necessarily in that order and it really does depend on the day. Some could say that my relationship with cooking and bourbon is the answer. And they’re probably right. But I’m so damn stubborn that I keep thinking I should find myself a proper, grownup job that involves wearing something other than shorts and pink kicks, horribly boring, unnecessary meetings, lots of stress and office politics. Seriously?! I want this? Hmmm….

So while I’m mulling over all of this, worrying about what I’ll do when retirement rolls around I’ll cook, kvetch and drink bourbon. Maybe something will come of it?? Doesn’t the Food Network need a show about a messy cook who drinks too much and ends up with bits and pieces of food in her hair? I should send them a proposal.

It’s been bloody hot here for the past couple of weeks. Just like everywhere else. And there are those days when I so don’t want to cook something clever with a coulis. That’s when I turn to the magic of salad dressing and the grill.

Go out and buy a good flank steak. Dump a bottle of Paul Newman’s Italian dressing over it. Let it sit. When you buy the flank steak also buy some portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, those cute little mozzarella balls and some good bread. Dump half a bottle of Paul Newman’s Sesame dressing over the mushrooms. Obviously I’m a big fan of Paul Newman. Please note I am not receiving any monetary compensation for recommending the use of his products. Like that would ever happen? Throw together the tomato and cheese. Mix up some garlic with olive oil for dipping the bread. Grill the meat and mushrooms. Open a bottle of wine. Done. Delicious. It looks like you fussed when you didn’t even break a sweat. Enjoy!



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