Kale Dust & Water – FEAST- The Aftermath

Kale dust and water…what I planned on eating for the next week or two after spending 4 days straight eating ridiculous amounts of food. I volunteered at three events for FEAST Portland and spent Sunday morning sampling my way through the PDX Veg Fest. I am very fortunate, very happy and very full.

Loaded Baked Potato Ice Cream

I couldn’t stop myself. I reached that OMG I’m so full point. I can’t eat another bite. But I didn’t want to miss out on any culinary fabulousness. Had I stopped when my tummy told me to I would have missed the amazing Salt & Straw, surreal ice cream experience.  The flavor choices were…Sea Salt with Caramel (I felt that was a bit pedestrian and moved on. even though I’m sure it was amazing. Salt & Straw only does amazing), Mint Leaves with Sea Urchin (while I’m a big fan of things that come out of the sea this combo totally didn’t speak to me.) Next. Coconut Milk with Thai Chili Brittle. Yes please. And, wait for it…Loaded Baked Potato (yes the ice cream version). I had to try that. Seriously. So the lovely ice cream lady gave me two samples and I was ever so happy. The Coconut Milk  with Thai Chili Brittle so good! I have to admit I was a little nervous about the Loaded Baked Potato. Conceptually it kind of made me throw up in my mouth. When I tasted it I was transported to a very happy place. I don’t even think I can truly describe the taste. Other than fabulous!!! And yes it did taste like a loaded baked potato.

Where do I go next? I think I’m going to need to break this experience into some bits and pieces.

FEAST Sandwich Extravaganza. A Whole Pig or Smoked Tongue Anyone?


Let’s start with Thursday and the Sandwich Invitational. A contest for the best sandwich ever. It was like an episode of Top Chef. There were proper judges doing that judgy thing. And people attending the event were also able to vote for their fav sammie. Who says ‘sammie?’ I know I just did. But it’s something I normally don’t do. Anyhoo…

Keep in mind I really was volunteering at this event. I was wearing the appropriate FEAST t-shirt and my job was to ensure that people didn’t sneak into the venue. Why I was chosen I’ll never know? I never felt I was a particularly menacing presence. Perhaps my next career is as a bouncer?

Then I got to sample sandwiches. For the record, not an event for the gluten-free.

Culinary Rock Stars

There were a couple of super famous celeb chefs in the ranks. Of course every chef was super fab in their own way. Paul Qui of Qui in Austin, TX was present. And do you think I remembered to write down his sandwich? Take a pic? No. I think I was too star struck. And the Ace of Cakes dude who I’m sure has a proper name that I’m currently too lazy to look up on the ‘googles’ was in the house. He is apparently a rock star in the world of cake. The line for his sandwich was crazy long. He did a PBJ with bacon. Not particularly kookie or innovative, but really good.

Gluttony, Thy Name is Lisa Moose

These are the sandwiches I sampled…(mind you I’m not proud of the amount of food I ate that day)

Bunk Bar – Pork Belly’ Al Pastor’ Torta with Pickled Pineapple & Jalapeno Slaw

I wanted to love this sandwich because Bunk Bar is one of my happiest places in PDX. I didn’t love. I may have tossed. Although I’m sure I tossed in the wrong politically correct container.

Laurelhurst Market – Smoked Beef Tongue Sandwich with Padron Peppers

While I personally have some deep-seated issues from my childhood regarding tongue I’ve gotten over it and was able to enjoy this amazing sandwich. Do not fear the tongue. This was the judges fav and was awarded a big sandwich trophy.

Ox– Duck Confit Sandwich on Cheddar-Jalapeno Waffle with Maple Mustard and Dill Pickled Peaches

You had me at Duck Confit. I long to have a proper meal at Ox, but until then this little morsel of wonderful will keep me happy.


Lardo – Spit Roasted Porchetta with Shaved Black Truffle

I absolutely fell in love with this sandwich! It’s the only sandwich that I went back for seconds. I think I was making the chefs nervous because I kept coming back. Maybe they were afraid I was going to steal the bowl of truffles worth thousands of dollars? I love anything that Lardo does. I was hoping they’d win best sandwich. But lamb being the new pork and tongue, offal and such things being in vogue it didn’t stand a chance. Too bad. I want one of those sandwiches NOW!

Country Cat – Grilled American Lamb Burger with Havarti Cheese, Smoked Tomato Jam & Iceberg Lettuce Slaw

This was the crowd fav. Also awarded a ginormous sandwich oriented trophy. Based on the sandwiches featured I’m beginning to wonder if lamb is the new pork??

McCrady’s (Charleston) – Hillbilly Fried Bologna Sandwich

Seriously. Fried Bologna. How could this be anything but good? And it was served on good, old school white bread. Love!

Ruby Jewel – The NW Club – A sugar cookie, marionberry caramel, hazelnut chocolate and cocoa nib cookie, bacon, caramel, marionberry caramel and another brown sugar cookie

This was just simply ridiculous. In a good way. At this point I was so full I felt like a weeble that might fall down. But I had to have this ice cream sandwich extravaganza. They didn’t disappoint.

Ace of Cakes – Charm City Cakes – Baltimore, MD – PBJ with Bacon

Toward the end of the evening. When the crowds died down and the line became reasonable I stepped up. Got a sandwich. What’s not to love about a sandwich with all the good things in the world. Would you pass up a sandwich that involved peanut butter and bacon?

Woodsman Tavern – Lamb Gyro

While this may seem like a rather safe way to go (although keep in mind that lamb is the new pork) it was just all kinds of fatty, yummy lamb goodness. I’m a big fan of the Woodsman. A bar/restaurant that focuses on bourbon. My love should not surprise anyone.  I didn’t  understand why there wasn’t a longer line. People who didn’t try this gyro definitely missed out!

Tomorrow…The Oregon Bounty. FEAST should really come up with a cookbook. Just something to think about. Moose out.


2 thoughts on “Kale Dust & Water – FEAST- The Aftermath

  1. Thanks for sharing the experience! Sounds fabulous. I share your unease toward tongue. I remember my little sister chasing me around the house with it. My only refuge was my closet. Not a fan. Especially not the boiled kosher variety.

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