Zucchini and Top Chef

I got so wrapped up in my nefarious exploits with the chanterelles that I totally forgot to write about my final volunteer event at FEAST. Old news I know. Who cares? I do. My blog. Bygones.

After reading this post I realized it’s highly indulgent. Most people will find it boring and probably won’t read past the first paragraph. That’s okay. But if you don’t read the whole thing you’ll miss the link to Stephanie Izard’s amazing Braised Pork & Coconut Soup. Just sayin…

FEAST Portland – High Comfort

Stephanie Izard. Top Chef, Owner of Girl and The Goat and a super nice person.
Stephanie Izard. Top Chef, Owner of Girl and The Goat and a super nice person.

High Comfort was the final evening event at FEAST. Once again my job was to serve as bouncer at the entrance of the event and direct guests in an orderly manner into elevators and up to the event. Apparently I’m much more intimidating than I thought! Although, I did have backup in the form of a very nice, buff, let’s just say kind of hot (he was over 21, so I can say that. and yes I’m becoming that older woman. like you’re surprised?) security guard who made sure FEAST attendees didn’t run amok in anticipation of getting their hands on some kind of offal surrounded by a coulis topped by a truffle.

According to the folks at FEAST, High Comfort is…

What happens when comfort food gets pushed out of its comfort zone? What would grandmother’s food taste like if grandma had a Michelin star, an immersion circulator, and a pantry full of Iberian ham, foie gras, and candy bars?

For the record, my grandmother’s idea of dinner involved boiled chicken and Oreos. I think that’s all I have to say and it explains a lot about how I’ve turned out. More horrifying Estonian food stories to come.

Celebrity Stalking – Stephanie Izard

Once my new friend and I had all the FEAST guests safely upstairs at The Nines I went up as well. It was time to eat. And stalk chefs. Did I write stalk? I meant…actually I did mean stalk. Stephanie Izard, the first woman to win Top Chef and Michael Voltaggio (I think he won as well or was it his ridiculously cute brother? Must google.) were the chef s on my radar.  Not that they were in some kind of receiving line. They were slinging hash or in the case of Stephanie Izard who owns Girl and The Goat in Chicago was serving Goat Chili with Pizza Poufs. You had me at Pizza Poufs. So good. I actually did get to say a few words to Stephanie who is as nice as she is talented and adorable. Then I played paparazzi and got her pic.

Michael Voltaggio

That really is Michael Voltaggio of Ink. I really couldn't get any closer.
That really is Michael Voltaggio of Ink. I really couldn’t get any closer.

Michael Voltaggio was a bit more difficult to capture. The line for his Pho snaked across the entire ballroom. I for one, had I paid $175 for a ticket would have found the endless line annoying. At that price I want the Goat Chili brought to me as I sit enjoying a lovely glass of bubbles. But I digress.

I did wait in line. I did have the pleasure of having Michael Voltaggio serve me some of his Pho which involved radish noodles (not a fan) and some kind of brisket and broth. The latter delish. Really a lovely and charming man. He seemed totally overwhelmed by the love he got from the peoples of Portland.

All these words and I didn’t even get to the other amazing chefs and of course the zucchini. I guess there will have to be a Zucchini and Top Chefs Part II. Indulge me.

To hold you over I’m providing a link to an incredible dish that Stephanie (like were besties or something) makes in her restaurant.

Braised Pork & Coconut Soup

Make this now. I wish my pics looked like this one.
Make this now. I wish my pics looked like this one.

Not particularly well shot images by me.

Great pic of the soup styled and shot by an expert  from the Girl and The Goat website

Until next time…Enjoy!

Moose out


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