Chipotle Cravings

Portland is a food mecca. Restaurants written up in The NY Times, Bon Appetit, featured on the Food Channel. Luce was named one of the Top 10 Restaurants in the country. We have more than our fair share of food celebs like Andy Ricker (his restaurants are on the left and right coasts) and Natalie Pomeroy (she was on Top Chef Masters) to name just two. Food carts that rival some of the finest restaurants anywhere. Every kind of food you could want from chicken and waffles to foie gras burgers. Full of adventurous chefs. Tantalizing food. Oregon Pinots. Handcrafted … Continue reading Chipotle Cravings

Feast Portland = Food Coma. In a good way.

This past weekend was totally all about food. Then again that would be most of my weekends. It really is surprising that I don’t weigh 5,000 pounds. Why Portland hasn’t had a food festival until now just boggles my mind. There is so much good, fantastic, fabulous, luscious, amazing food in this town. And this is the first year of Feast Portland? At least it was timed just perfectly since I live here now. I kicked off the weekend by attending a lecture/talk/whatever with Mark Bittman. I had such hopes. Such dreams. He was so incredibly boring! I know and … Continue reading Feast Portland = Food Coma. In a good way.

Rum Club – Portland, OR. Another Happy Place.

I know, I know all my happy places involve food and alcohol. Is there anything really wrong with that? Thing is the ocean is also one of my most happiest places ever. But it’s even more happy if it involves a nice bottle of wine and snacks. A few weeks ago we went to Rum Club for happy hour. There’s a lot of happy going on in this post. A hidden little gem on SE Sandy. It’s one of those places if you blink you’ll miss it. If you know where it is, while I would love to tell you … Continue reading Rum Club – Portland, OR. Another Happy Place.